Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bumping and Grinding

If you aren't familiar with Grindr, it is an app that is accessible on most smartphones. With this app one can create a profile and socialize with other gay men. It also gives you an approximation of their proximity to you. It is a phenomena that has changed the landscape of the gay social scene. A guy who would normally ignore you in real life, will be slobbering all over you in a series of dirty messages he sends you. But then disappear without a trace. A friend who you haven't spoken to in a long time, will request that you fill his dirty hole for him. Maybe your old math teacher from 10th grade will offer to suck you off in a Taco Bell bathroom. All of these experiences can be yours, they are just a tap of the iphone away. In some ways it reminds me of the early days of chatrooms. When the technology was becoming widely available, people first began developing their online personas. This allows many people who are otherwise too shy or not outgoing enough, to be the charming, confident person they always wanted to be. With hilarious results.
Initially I was convinced that Grindr was designed for the sole purpose of hooking-up with someone. And it pretty much is, but I have in fact met some decent people on there. Some not so decent too, but I have been surprised for the most part that no one has tried to kill me and use my body as a piece of furniture yet.

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