Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Colby Keller!

If you've spent any time talking to me within the past year or so, I've probably told you about Colby Keller. Artist, anthropologist, porn star, sex god, and all around cool guy, he is everything I strive to be like. And he is an absolute sweetheart. About a year ago we began an internet correspondence after meeting at a bachelor auction fundraiser. Initially it was just me drooling and saying things like, "I think your cool" but I  eventually was able to channel my infatuation into a more productive outlet. I began drawing pictures of him from images I found on the internet, and he posted them on his blog bigshoediaries.blogspot.com. Which only fueled the flames of my desire, and increased my production of drawings.

A muse in the truest sense. My interest in Mr. Keller has facilitated a good body of work, and more so it has pushed me to go further. I've begun creating different kinds of art that I didn't know I was capable of before. It has also given me a focus that I've lacked artistically. A focus that shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Today is Colby's birthday, interestingly he was born one day, one month and one year before I was. Happy birthday Colby Keller, you da best!

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  1. Blogs need LIKE buttons. As Colby is good practice for your art side, this blog is good for your writing side. Keep up the good work!