Saturday, October 15, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

The variety of art that I like is as diverse as the variety of music that I listen to. In both cases I have interests spread across a variety of genres and distinctions. For instance I love comic books. To many people, comic books are not looked at as serious art, but I couldn't disagree more. Here is some work from one of my favorites, Paul Pope.

Paul Pope is a rock star as far as comic book artists go. His work is reminiscent of the great Jack Kirby (pioneer of american comic books). Pope's style has a controlled fluidity to it. His pen moves across the page in such a fashion that is altogether traditional and unconventional. 

Another one of my favorite comic book rock stars is Brandon Graham.
I actually discovered his work in a dream I had. I distinctly remember the cover to King City #1 (Image Comics) while dreaming, before I had ever heard of Graham or seen his work.

Graham's work is an amazing amalgamation beween graffiti and manga, that snap, crackle's and pop's all over the page. 

Sculptor Ron Mueck also rocks my world. His hyperrealist sculptures are arresting. They carry such presence in their construction and conception.


  1. Oh I love these! I think we should have 10 of these BIG HEADS around the mezzanine at Voyeur... wouldn't that be trippy? (Do the kids still say trippy?)